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Jozef Búry,
CEO, GreenDog
„I am happy to cooperate with SALESmanago, not only because it is a valuable platform, but also our project manager is really helpful and always willing to advice and find the right solution. Provided support is prompt to our requests and SALESmanago’s team encourages us to use platform more in order to be efficient. So we appreciate the cooperation with your company.”

Clonect Solutions
Sandip Chhatui,
Marketing Manager, Clonect Solutions Private Limited
„SALESmanago is an extremely user friendly and efficient tool for Email Marketing. The ease to access and navigate behavioral analysis before and after e-mail campaigns is exceptionally good.”

Rapid Care
Daniel Victor,
Business Development Manager, Rapid Care
„Effective training and friendly customer service (Nida) made our experience in transitioning into using marketing automation tool SALESmanago interesting and productive. The ability to create & save different templates is so useful as we rotate our marketing efforts to highlight our different service offerings. The points report on which our repeated marketing efforts are focused have started to produce results and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the SALESmanago team!”

Adarsh S Nair,
Lead – Sales, Aptroid Technologies Private Limited
„SALESmanago as a tool, has been really helpful and has been the key for multiple levels of our business. It’s helped us in communicating with our customers effectively. The tools analytics also help us to optimize our mailings and target the correct audience. SALESmanago as a team, both you and Vijayan have been really helpful in getting us on board and also in resolving our issues.Thanks for everything and hoping to have a prolonged business relationship with you guys.”

Sidea Group
Vittorio Grassi,
CEO | Business Administration & Marketing, Sidea Group, Digital Business
„We want to thank our Support Specialist in SALESmanago. Any time we have questions, we get answers with examples and informations are sent with visual materials. Project manager is always kind and available. We are sure that with the tools of SALESmanago and with the support offered we will achieve great results.”

Manager – Web Design, Hotelogix
„We have been using SALESmanago’s services for a while now and must say that we are impressed with the efficient account management. Quick response and 24*7 support ensures we have a solution at hand at any given point of time. The project manager keeps us on top of any development that comes from SALESmanago’s side. Since they keep evolving and innovating, these notifications are very helpful, helps us decide which feature will provide us the best results. We are extremely satisfied with the service and would stress again on the great support provided by the SALESmanago team.”

Data Talks
Philip Nordfeldt,
CEO, Data Talks
„While implementing SALESmanago on our webshop we have worked closely with the support team and the project manager of SALESmanago. Thanks to the great know-how of Marketing Automation and the SALESmanago system and a excellent way of conveying this know-how to me, I have managed to implement solutions that help me come closer to my customers in real real-time and thus generating more sales. This could only be achieved thanks to the combination of system know-how and a great understanding for what makes commercial sense.”


Magyar Telekom
András Szegedin,
Digital Interaction Management Group Head, Magyar Telekom (T-Mobile)
„After implementation we could use SALESmanago agile and fast. Support is really great in problem solving, in addition their availability is excellent as well SALESmanago is up-to-date in innovations and is capable to adjust for unique needs also.”

Csaba Orosz,
Business partner, Bluekvark
„At Bluekvark, we started using SALESmanago believing there is not another platform at its price range that has this wide range of features. The daily use of the system has proven the theory. It works with ease, gives great user experience and has a cooperative, allways-ready support team that allows you to go innovative.”

Mazenet Solutions
Rubini M,
SEO Analyst, Mazenet Solutions
„SALESmanago is very easy to use and has an excellent customizable templates. Email deliverability is very good. It is user-friendly and in a very good price. Tag option is really works well which is different from other email marketing service I used. Nida,You really helped me alot in all aspects. In my opinion, it’s the best email marketing service for professionals and also for beginners. Once again thank you for your support guys”

Hanna Jochmann-Mannak,
Product Owner and Marketing Manager, WizeNoze B.V.
„We recently started using SALESmanago to be able to automate our marketing emails and we are very happy with it. The tool provides a lot of very useful features to be able to automate the marketing process based on qualified leads. Of course, we needed a couple of months to really learn how to use the system, but the support team of SALESmanago is very willing to help and the elaborate personal webinars to start up the system are very useful.”

NBC Sports Group
Coy Gupta,
Head of Search, NBC Sports Group and NBC Olympics
„We chose SALESmanago for it’a extensive array of features and enhanced capabilities. I knew that is was going to be lot to learn in a short time, but then there was the Customer Success team. Our project manager helped me through all the complexity when trying to launch advanced campaigns. She knew the product like the map to Harry Potter’s Chamber of secrets and helped me unleash the magic of SALESmanago. Why does this matter you ask, well, once you start using a tool like this to grow your business, you will very quickly want to take advantage of all the wizardry it has for automation and lead scoring. Our project manager was very accomodating, even working with us on Friday in the USA when it was late Friday evening (Polish time) to help launch a campaign over the weekend. This kind of dedication to customer success is what helps customers run magical campaigns. We hit a 35% open rate which is almost the highest I have ever seen. I highly recommed SALESmanago and their CS team will drive your success. Thanks SALESmanago!”

Ecommerce School
Marco Santandrea,
Marketing Automation Specialist, Ecommerce School D.O.O.
„I strongly recommend SALESmanago’s support team, which is highly important in case of a such powerful system. We have faced talented project managers with a deep knowledge of marketing automation activities. We value the way they can introduce and explain complex concepts into practical events, reason why they can easily suggest solutions to people both experienced and early starters. Highly recommended!”

Renata Kundrotė,
Head of Internet Sales, Lotelita
„We are happy about our Project Manager, as we always get a quick response. We don’t feel left alone in the field and know we will get support in short time. Any time we have questions, we get answers with examples and explanations that are sent with visual material Our Project Manager is really good at giving guidelines and recommendations. All in all, we hope that with the tools of SALESmanago and professional support of our dedicated Project Manager we will soon achieve great results.”

Guglielmo Fassio,
Seo & Account Manager, ByTek Marketing
„As partner of SALESmanago we can say that is a complete tool for marketing automation, it has a lot of features that give you the possibility to manage your qualified leads. There are many automation rules that is possible to apply in every situation. It’s easy to analyse the customers behaviour, both on your e-mail campaigns and on the web site. Besides, it’s possible to manage and modify the communications with the potential new customers thanks to the Wizard. The support team is always available to help us and willing to give us some suggestions and tips. Thanks to our strong partnership with SALESmanago we can offer a new and innovative service to our potential new customers. We hope to do always better with our clients and it will be also possible thanks to SALESmanago.”


Adelina Toma,
Online Manager CE, Cosmetics Oriflame Romania SRL
„SALESmanago account management is extremely efficient and well organized. Our project manager is fast in reply and efficient is solution finding and advice recommendation. Being new to the technology, we have worked very close to support and received guidance and solutions to our questions and issues. We are also on top of the new developments of Sales Manago thanks to our project manager’s openness to always present us novelties and support in deciding which works for us and in what moment. Happy customers with both our account and the solution.”

Alexandra Ionescu,
Marketing Manager, iCentre
„I consider SALESmanago a great tool since the first product and tools presentation and we have not been disappointed in any way, on the contrary. Is a great, complex and easy to use tool every marketer should use. Its complex reporting system is indeed helpful and offers the freedom to set a very specific reporting system for each and every type of campaign having in regard different KPIs. Moreover our Projects Manager was an absolute great help for us from the first time, no matter that working with us might have been fun but not easy at all. Professional attitude, warm approach, clear instructions, a lot of patience, immediate feedbacks, profound interest in our results are just a few of the qualities we have been welcomed by our Projects Manager and she personally has put that fine touch in everything we worked with SALESmanago. I already recommended SALESmanago to all my pears and I will continue to.”

Tomaž Bračko,
CMO, Idealia D.O.O.
„We are an online shop, we sell shoes and dresses and we don’t have our own IT department. And the best thing is, that with help of the professional support we received from the SALESmanago team, the system was very easy to use for us, although we are not programers or IT people at all. Our project manager guides us, gives us propositions and is all the time there for us.”

Echo Deco
George Filippotis,
CEO, Echo Deco
„SALESmanago, support is very quick. The team helped me to organise my thoughts and implement my strategy to the system with my own learning path. They are people centric, and they adjust the training according to the customer needs. Although, I am new user to the SALESmanago solution, I am certain about the successful use and implementation for our eshop needs.”

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